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Saturday January 1st 1972
  Friars Aylesbury Phase Two - Borough Assembly Hall, Market Square, Aylesbury



 Osibisa Saturday January 7th 1978 Saturday December 30th 1978

Jude Saturday January 1st 1972  

Stone The Crows (Jimmy Dewar) Monday October 6th 1969

    Frankie Miller Saturday May 7th 1977  Saturday April 14th 1979

  Blodwyn Pig (Clive Bunker) Saturday August 17th 1974

  Steve Hillage (Clive Bunker Saturday October 16th 1976


Osibisa: Teddy Osei  Sol Anmarfio Spartacus R Robert Bailey Mac Tontoh Wendell Richardson Lasisi Amao  

Jude: Clive Bunker Robin Trower  Frankie Miller  Jimmy Dewar

Teddy Osei:

'One of the favourite venues for Osibisa in the early 70's was Friars Aylesbury.
The vibes was so great and lots of fun to perform to wonderful live music lovers.
I remember at one gig at Friars the place was jamming hot and the band
was in one of their cosmic heights that resulted in some of the fans took their clothes
off and danced naked.
(see below !)That was the magic of Osibisa and Friars.
Will always remember this'

This gig nearly got Friars closed down - see headline above.

Osibisa went on to have hit singles in the 1970s and continued to tour, playing Friars twice in 1978. In the 1980s, Osibisa concentrated their efforts on promoting younger artistes in Ghana and occasionally reformed. Osisbisa still play today headed up by Osei and Anmarfio.

Frankie Miller went on to considerable solo success and played Friars twice under his own name. Robin Trower had considerable solo success as well.

Osibisa  - Gong Gong Song

Osibisa official site

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