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Friars Heroes Awards hall of fame 

One of the Friars founding fathers

David Stopps

Inducted in June 2009



Without this man's love of music, forward vision in breaking new and up and coming bands and persistence, the musical history and map of Aylesbury would have been very different. It is because of David's and Friars' reputation in the music industry, that so many varied and top quality bands played here and openly admit that Friars helped launch them. Ask this very question of Steve Harley, Marillion, Mott the Hoople, Genesis, Fruupp, David Bowie, Sailor and many more. They will tell you the same answer. I can't add to that. Remember also that David took some huge risks in the early days and Friars very nearly didn't get past 1971. It is also a fact that David put on bands that had a 'risk' factor and made huge successes of these concerts flying in the face of other councils' Dickensian attitudes. David Stopps, a Friars Hero whose name will be indelibly linked, like that of Friars, in the history of modern Aylesbury.

David Stopps: It was a real surprise to receive the Friars Heroes Award at the FA 40th Anniversary gig on June 1st. To me, Friars was all about the atmosphere that was created at the events we organised from 2nd June 1969 to 22nd December 1984. The question was...would we be able to re-create that atmosphere 25 years later?

I needn't have worried. The atmosphere was of course always created by the audience themselves and the atmosphere on June 1st 2009 was equal to anything we experienced in the seventies.

Thanks to Mike O'Connor for creating the Friars Aylesbury website and for presenting me with this award. I will always treasure it along with the memories of all those wonderful gigs.

David Stopps accepting the Friars Heroes Award, Aylesbury, June 2009

Picture: Sue O'Connor

A selection of gigs from Friars history for which we are all grateful




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