Get Your Head Straight is a 5 piece Pop Punk band founded in July 2016.

Combining catchy melodies and a powerful energy, GYHS are answering the call for the new wave of Pop Punk with their new direction.

                    Originating from Milton Keynes, the band has a wide variety of influences from a selection of genres, but due to their local scene being dominated by a far heavier sound you can't help but hear their roots bleeding through their and into their performances. After a busy year including a number of shows and an Easter tour, the band has written and recorded a 6 track EP "Contrast" for their debut.

                        The EP has been excellently received with comments of the likes of "Every song on the EP an be considered an absolute standout. You can jump into this EP anywhere and it flows perfectly" as well as it being said "Get Your Head Straight's "Contrast" will make State Champs raise their eyebrows and Neck Deep look twice" -All Around Music

Entering 2019 with high aspirations Get Your Head Straight lead the charge with their exciting new energy and show everyone what they are capable of with the release of their debut EP on 19 April 2019 whilst striding towards their goals.



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